264: Fine People on Both Sides

This was a heavy show to research, prep and record. Of course, it’s horrible that Heather Heyer lost her life standing up to bigotry, racism and intolerance. Any loss of life is never acceptable in a situation like this. But, just as troubling to me is that this type of hate can be openly and proudly celebrated in 2017 in our country. I don’t understand how a nation of overwhelmingly good and smart people are allowing this to happen.

Like many of you, I’m disgusted by the man that calls himself our president and I fear the damage he is doing to our country and the lens through how the rest of the world views us. Make no mistake, this type of hate-filled riot was made possible by Trump’s consistent dog-whistling throughout his campaign and into his presidency. Even when presented with the no-brainer choice of denouncing white supremacists and neo-nazis, he did not and will not.

When planning each episode of American Cliché, I really try and create a balance of content. I know that many of you come to hear me rail on Dear Leader, but I also realize that many of you want an escape from this shit. You’d rather hear me joke about weird news or some other crazy thing some asshole did (that doesn’t happen to be our president). And I want that too. However, sometimes things happen and we have a moral responsibility to use whatever platform we have to let those responsible know that what they’re doing is not OK and will not be tolerated or normalized. I have this podcast and I feel an obligation to use it. As a listener, you also have tools at your disposal. Use social media to condemn these acts. Write to your congressional officials. Attend a rally.

Thanks for your support of American Cliché. I hope you’ll share your thoughts on this episode with me so that we can continue this important dialogue. Be good to each other and take care of yourself.

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