261: Spicey’s out, Scaramucci’s in

I’m so excited to be back after a nearly six-year hiatus! I have to be honest, I didn’t anticipate the news cycle changing so quickly. In fact, I’ve had to scrap my show prep three times in the last four days due to the insanity that is the Trump White House. At any rate, here’s where we ended up:

  • Why did I come back?
  • Trump bans transgender people from serving in the military
  • Spicey’s out, Scaramucci’s in!
  • Catheters in ice cream – a new Summer treat?
  • Trump’s adolescent bullying of Jeff Sessions
  • Doctor’s remove 27 contact lenses from a woman’s eye
  • Dirtbag of the week: Mike Leaming
  • RIP Chester Bennington

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